Chris Blog – I wish I knew…

Things I wish I knew before I started as a learner rep I have been working with ACT as their Learner Representative for just over a year now. When I learnt that I had got the job I was very excited and full of ideas of how I wanted things to work. A year on […]

Stephanies Blog – Strength

Hi my name is Steph and I have mental health issues. Now that makes me feel uncomfortable saying that because mental health has such a bad press that needs changing. More specifically, in the past and sometimes to this day, I have anxiety and panic attacks. At the peak of my anxiety, I wouldn’t leave […]

Siobhans Blog – Finland

I was over the moon when I was picked to go to Finland, the first person from Leeds Apprentice Xchange to go away. It was an amazing experience I did not want to miss. I had heard and looked into their education and just from reading about it I was amazed , so I did […]

Jakes Blog – Leadership

 I’m a 19 year old apprentice training to become a coach builder in Goole, East Yorkshire. I started when I was 16. I go to college at Doncaster GTA one day a week and also take part in learner voice and joined the leadership team for NSoA. Before I got the opportunity to join my […]