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 I’m a 19 year old apprentice training to become a coach builder in Goole, East Yorkshire. I started when I was 16. I go to college at Doncaster GTA one day a week and also take part in learner voice and joined the leadership team for NSoA.

Before I got the opportunity to join my learner voice at college I struggled with work and expressing myself and dealing with different situations. I often found myself arguing or falling out with other members of staff and struggle to express my opinion or views in a way that wouldn’t cause trouble.

As I got into my course at college I got the opportunity to get involved with learner voice and if I’m honest at first I didn’t think this was something for me. After attending a few meetings and seeing other people I realised this was a great way of getting involved and to be a part of trying to improve things in and out of college. I also learned how to express myself without getting angry or shouting. It’s been really useful learning how to deal with different types of people.

As I got more involved I was asked to attend an NUS conference, the Apprentice Conversation, to learn more about learner voice and was asked to be a part of the NSoA, which has been a brilliant opportunity. It’s helped me grow and become more confident in knowing in what I want to do and be. I have grown up and learnt to take responsibility and can honestly say I am a happier person.

In the last year I have been lucky to be a part of NSoA. This has included a brilliant trip to Finland which was both educational and also fun. Learning loads about the finish education system and been able to bring this back, I also have help to set up the NSoA and help mould what the NSoA should be about as well as meeting loads of unique and different types of people I normally wouldn’t get chance to.

NSoA LT member Jake Ferguson

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